Plant Hire

Havant Plant Hire recognise that its works activities have environmental impacts, and we are committed to operating in a responsible manner that enhances beneficial impacts and minimizes or mitigates negative impacts.


Responsibility for this policy ultimately lies with the Havant Plant Hire Managing Director. This includes the responsibility to ensure the provision of adequate resources for its implementation and regular assessment. Day to day implementation of the policy is the responsibility of every employee and person working on behalf of the company to:

  • Perform his or her job so as to comply with all environmental requirements
  • Look out for environmental enhancement opportunities
  • Stop if he or she believes what they are doing will cause pollution or an environmental incident


This policy will be continually improved in line with the needs of the business. This policy will be brought to the attention of the workforce and customers and is be made available to the public via the Havant Plant Hire website

Environmental controls set out objectives and targets that demonstrate our commitment to:

  • Prevent pollution and protect the natural and built environment
  • Improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and provide low carbon solutions.
  • Reduce the waste we generate, managing it as a resource and identifying opportunities for re-use, recycling or recovery following the waste hierarchy.
  • Source materials responsibly, and select materials with lower environmental impacts, where appropriate
  • Use water efficiently and reduce consumption
  • Proactively engage with the local community, minimizing environmental nuisance and disturbance and promptly responding to complaints and incidents.
  • Comply with all legal requirements
  • Provide its workforce with information and training on their environmental responsibilities and encourage proactive involvement in environmental management

Continuous Improvement & Policy Review

We regularly monitor our environmental performance, working closely with our workforce and customers to achieve continual improvement. We are committed to engaging with professional, regulatory and institutional groups in the development of innovative solutions and implementation of best practice.

This policy and its associated arrangements will be reviewed annually, as a minimum.